Monday, February 25, 2008

Villain of the Week

For the most part, I try to avoid going into political diatribes in this blog, since (A) the majority of my readers probably disagree anyway (hey, I forgive ya), and (B) it's rare that anyone changes their opinion based on a blog column.

Today I feel I have to say something, though, or else literally explode from the bile inside me. Are you familiar with David Suzuki? I've known of the guy for quite a while, and learned considerably more when I started my visits to Canada, where he's considered (by some) to be quite the national treasure. I've never particularly liked the guy, though I've always assumed he probably had the best intentions at heart (based on the fact that Lea has said some nice things about him in the past, and I trust her judgment).

Recently, however, the illustrious Dr. Suzuki has gone beyond even his normal utopian socialist underpinnings, and has firmly entered totalitarian territory. Recently he stated that politicians who disagree with the idea of man-made global warming and the policies it entails should be thrown into prison, and encouraged students at McGill University to find a way to do so.

Y'know, in my country, and I believe in yours as well, if we have a problem with politicians, we have a way of dealing with it. It's called democracy. We have regular elections that enable us to vote out the ones we don't want in there. What we don't do is imprison them. That's what they do in places like Cuba, Venezuela, the Soviet Union, China, and at one time, Germany.
Ever heard of those places, Dave?

No, the good doctor would rather ignore such places, and instead refers to his own Canuck homeland , a country that awarded him the Order of Canada, as "international outlaws," because they haven't bent over backwards quite far enough for he and his fellow followers of the Church of Radical Environmentalism.

Canadian writer Terry O'Neill said this of Suzuki: "It's long been abundantly clear from his speeches and books that his position is driven by both a quasi-religious zeal and a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of humanity's relationship with the natural world."

Dr. Suzuki has also suggested that such decisions cannot be made by our elected officials, and instead should be made by a panel of scientists. Hmmm, a panel of scientists, Dave? Oh, I see. You want a scientocracy, run by a bunch of guys much smarter than the general populace and their representatives, right? A bunch of smart guys like...well, like YOU, Dave.

As pissed off as your comments make me, though, Dave, I'm glad you said 'em, because they shed the light on what you, and a lot of folks like you, really think and believe. For all your "open-mindedness," you're just as oppressive and narrow-minded as anyone and anything you've ever railed against.

Doc, according to your Wiki entry, you live in Kitsilano, right? Well, I spend much of my time these days in Vancouver, so I tell you what. Anytime you'd like a micro-demonstration of what free people think of little tin gods like yourself, I'd be glad to come over and plant my carbon footprint firmly on your compost heap...

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The very last phrase in the post is pure Troy genius!