Thursday, October 29, 2009

What We Got Here is...Failure to Communicate

When it's time for my classes to write a critique paper, we usually watch a movie and write a review. This semester, we watched the Paul Newman classic, Cool Hand Luke. Here are a selection of the comments I received:

"I guess it was OK for a movie that old. It wasn't a classic, though, like Fight Club."

"I never realized Paul Newman was an actor before he made salad dressing."

"That was just stupid! If Luke had just followed the rules, he would have been fine."

"I suppose it was the best they could do with movies back in the 40s" (it was made in 1967, btw)

"I liked it all right, but I would have preferred something cute like Miss Congeniality or Legally Blonde" (never fails)

"The lead character is a man named John" (yeah, the title is just a red herring, I guess)

"I wonder if Luke did a lot of farting after those fifty eggs"

"I give it a seven. I would have given it more, but the special effects were terrible." (???)

"I mainly like vampires, but it wasn't too bad."

"If they hadn't killed him at the end, they could have done a sequel."

"It's not that I don't like prison movies. But I like ones like Lockup."

"I was expecting more gay prison sex, but we got lucky."

"If Paul Newman made this kind of movie, I can't say I'm upset he died."

"Not enough action" (this was written eleven times)

"The movie we watch was Cold Hand Luke."

"It would make a lousy video game."


michaeljsmith said...

those comments cannot be real - please tell me this is not the future generation

Troy Hickman said...

Oh, they're real-er than real, Mike. Have you read the other posts I've made about stuff from my classes? If not, you should check 'em out. It gets a lot "better" than this...

NuclearToast said...

Ok post, but not enough action.

Juggling Jason said...

Can I port this post to my XBOX 360?

Troy Hickman said...

Not only that, Jason, but you can twitter it to your blackberry Wii...

Snorii said...

This post would make a terrible video game.

Lol, I love these student comment posts. More please!

Guy said...

I think these comments alone are proof that some evil organization is out to destroy our society by making our youth into complete morons, by destroying their brains with video games. Absolute Proof!