Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Column Up!

I have a new column up over at Newsarama, dealing with my convention experiences (comic cons, that is, not my turning tricks with the Elks). Check it out here, and please leave some comments (I think a lot of folks end up not even knowing these have been posted).


NuclearToast said...

You TOTALLY have to tell us the ground beef story!

Juggling Jason said...

link not working but I'll go find the article just the same.

Troy Hickman said...

Hmmm, not sure, Jason. It's working for me.

About the article, it doesn't appear to have been mentioned anywhere on the front page at Newsarama, and with the high traffic on the Blog section there quickly pushing it even MORE pages back, I don't think many folks saw it. It seems kind of a waste to do this stuff if it's not going to be seen.

Juggling Jason said...

I tried commenting but got a php error. I'll try again later.

But wow "small craft full of seamen"?