Friday, June 6, 2008

Where's "Trilogy of Terror" When We Need It?

I watched the debut of "Fear Itself" on NBC last night. What a steaming pile The script was weak, the plot was skeletal (and if I have problems with a plot, you KNOW there's a problem), and the characters were a bunch of faces without personalities that I didn't give a rat's rosy red ass about. Beyond that, at times this thing was filmed so darkly that ANYTHING might have been happening on-screen, but damned if you could tell what.

I'd love to have a new horror anthology on television, but if Fear Itself doesn't get better pronto, it's not going to be that series. This is not a Night Gallery, a Dark Room, a Tales from the Darkside. So far it's more like a bloody, badly filmed version of Supertrain.

It does have ONE scary thing going for it, though. The next episode features Eric Roberts...


Jason said... make me wanna go lenghtways down the arm...forget teh "cry for help"...but hey...what didyou expect with all the "Reality Shws" topping the charts.

Troy Hickman said...

I have absolutely no idea what you're saying, Jason. Have I suddenly had a seizure, or...?