Monday, May 12, 2008

It All Tastes Like Maple!!!

I'm in Vancouver at the moment, so it may be slim pickin's blogwise for the next little while. How will the world survive??!!??

Here's what my view looks like, approximately:

Nice place, though I hate the crowds and the public transportation (buses are for rock bands and million-man marches).

There's a very nice comic shop called "Big Pete's" in North Van that I highly recommend. Pete and the gang are good people.

OK, off to hunt for Sasquatch (my long lost brother). Seeya later, masticators!


Snorii said...

Tell your brother that there are some shady characters looking for him.

NuclearToast said...

Sorry I missed you. And no Emerald City Comic Con? I swear, I'm the world's laziest stalker...

Troy Hickman said...

It's true, folks. Half the time, he just CALLS me and says if he could work up the energy to get off the couch, he'd follow me.